The Ultimate DDR Solution

Q: What are the system requirements?
A: See the list below the home page.

Q: Why can't I play or build the file xxx?
A: The reason could probably be:
(a) DirectX 8.1 or higher is not installed.
(b) The media format is not supported. Click here for more help.
(c) The music length is too short (less than 15 seconds).

Q: What is MP3 SOURCE CODEC and why should I install it?
A: MP3 SOURCE CODEC is a perfect 3rd party mp3 decoder for Microsoft DirectShow® by dsp-worx. anyMania uses DirectShow® technology for audio playback. Unfortunately the Windows MPEG Audio CODEC provided by default has a bug in length calculating for VBR-mp3s (i.e. Variable Bit-Rate compressed mp3), which could cause problems in mp3 playing and seeking. So we strongly recommend replacing it with MP3 SOURCE CODEC.

Q: Why does my mp3 music length appear to be wrong?
A: You will probably have this problem if you are using some old version of Windows MPEG Audio CODEC (provided by default in Windows) and haven't installed MP3 SOURCE CODEC. See the previous issue for details.

Q: Why is my mp3 playback abnormal?
A: See the previous issue.

Q: What is the tempo/bpm and the offset?
A: These two is a most important pair of factors in DDR game system. See DDR Basics for more information.

Q: Why does not the beats seem to match my song at all?
A: Seems like the automatic tempo-detecting has failed. You have to re-detect the song manually and play it in Album Mode. Visit Tutorial to see how to use Mania Studio to make a manual building. Also check out Tips on Tempo Analyzing to find ways to improve the accuracy of tempo-detecting effectively.

Q: What's the difference between trial version and registered version?
A: There're some feature losses in trial versions. For example, joystick/dance pad inputs are disabled, mania albums support only one track each and players cannot submit their scores to Mania Ladder.

Q: Which kind of musics is most suitable for DDR games?
A: Generally speaking, musics of 3~5 minutes in length with clear and constant bpms above 100bpm should be suitable for DDR games most. Electrophonic musics seem to be the first choice but other genres can do well too if only the conditions above are met. You may use the Gear Shift to change the playback rate according to your comfortable level.

Q: How can I make higher scores?
A: Learn about anyMania's Score System in Tutorial section.

Q: Where and how can I submit score to Mania Ladder?
A: See how to submit game scores in tutor.

Q: Does Network Play support firewall or NAT?
A: No. The server side should have at least 1 public/direct IP to host on.

Q: Is Windows9x/me supported?
A: Well, anyMania has not passed tests under Win9x/me yet. In the future, maybe.

Q: Why cann't I use my dance pad or joystick?
A: First you must be a registered user. Then make sure the pad or joystick is connected to your PC correctly and the driver is installed OK. Test your pad using the Game Controller configuration tool in the Control Panel.

Q: Bug! Look! I found a bug!
A: Congratulations. Please contact anyMania support immediately. Capture and send us a snapshot of the bug screen if you could. Thanks in advance.

Q: Can you provide some DDR songs for download?
A: Shut up.